Complete Android Course in Tamil | Learn Android App Development From Basics In Tamil
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Android Course in Tamil

Language: Tamil

Instructors: Programming Line Team

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Course Curriculum


  • The aspirant must have the aptitude.
  • Soft skills to establish meaningful communication in the team.
  • Analytical Skills.
  • Understanding of Arts and ability to find the scientific aspect in it.
  • Ability to acquire skills through class instructions, get trained through video, and improve skills as time progress
  • Problem Solving Ability
  • Ability to analyze structures
  • Ability to work on good practices of a particular domain
  • Ability to understand and write programming codes.
  • Understanding of programming constructs
  • Understanding of scope and life of a programming language
  • Ability to explore the world wide web using keywords
  • Having an understanding of the Budget and its influence on resources at hand
  • Knowledge of web development languages
  • Ability to do an exhaustive survey
  • Must have critical thinking
  • Ability to adapt to the changing working conditions

Android is with you, where ?? It is in your hand, it is in your mobile, yes Android in your mobile. This sleeping giant is with you and assisting you to make your life easier, please don’t ask how??

Can you answer how Android is making life live with ease??

Android has defined the importance of your finger, yes it is a finger that is feeding Android.

Android came into existence with the touch of your finger on the devices equipped with touch screens. Android gives life to the touch screen.

Touch screen devices were made possible with Android software applications. This progressive course trains you to develop Android applications. Manufactured in the well of Programming Line software developers this course can be taken by students of Bachelor of Computer Applications, Master of Computer Applications, and Bachelor of Technology, Master of Technology and students having programming skills.

Programming Line is a trademark in the development of Android software applications and has no infringement on other courses delivering Android training.

The designations of our software developers providing Android can write with caps on the keyboard.

No discounts, No premiums, No promotional sales offers, Our course is already in demand. We train you to work in the corporate, we train you to work as a professional, and we train you to work as an industry expert. Our converter machines are experts in transforming you into an Android developer.

Our decompiled Android development kit is made available to you as soon as you get registered for our course. Disassemble it to learn from it. We train you to reproduce the Android code, we train you for the programming ability judgment day.

If you here get ready to get modified, you are the next modified Android programmer coming out of intense training workouts. After this course you will be able to transmit the Android technology at a much faster pace, a pace appreciated by industrial experts.

Irregularity is highly prohibited and leads to your termination from the course. No guarantees No warranties it is a matter of faith and belief to get registered in this course. If you believe you achieve it.

Our adequacy our completeness is our acceptable parameters and market teasers. We are hyperlinking to the Android industry, click on it to get into the Android industry.

Our clam training and implied practice comply with Android software development industry standards. Our Android license is acceptable across the Android software development industry. Get it on time and become a challenge in the field of Android.

Our infrastructure is strong enough to provide uninterrupted training in Android. You can be in our training lab round the clock 24 x 7 to learn, create, develop, produce, and become the next Android challenge, yes the next Android developer.

Our training is not incidental our training is intentional. We believe in deliberate training because learning is deliberate. Curious learners and curious beginners in search of an Android certification acceptable across the Android industry are welcome and facilitated by Programming Line. Programming Line certified Android developers are successful storytellers in the field of Android.

Inability to learn is your mental state we will change it to your ability to learn. This course has limited seats our cautionary advice is to get registered in the course before the last date of registration expires.

Post-registration torting is strictly prohibited once registered you will be trained for the stipulated time period. Each registered candidate will get at least 5 interview calls, this is the critical liability of the course fulfilled successfully.

Our scientifically proven teaching techniques are the outcome of professional teaching experience and enough for beginners to take it to the intermediate level. The learning resources we provide contain examples of replicated industrial projects.

Our Android trainers will deliver more to make an emerging Android developer. The course is dedicated work from a team of experts working as an Android Software Developer in the software industry. Our team of experts has an experience of more than 5 years. Our experts are Android consultants and provide leading learning resources in Android development. We have collaborated with other industry experts programmed in languages - Java, C#, Object-Oriented Principles, and its implementation in C++.

Our course with the explanation on Android it's meaning and its significance. How to download and how install Eclipse?. The course progressed with an explanation of Android SDK its installation and its downloading sequences.

You learn in this course how to use command-line tools and will develop an understanding of Android Emulator. The course has modules that teach you how to use lists, menus, and views.

We have a separate module that gives you detailed training on how to use GPS and integrate it with your android application. A separate lecture is delivered on the importance, use, and features of Google API.

The crew of Programming Line is exceptionally good at motivating you, thrilling you, and delivering useful learning resources on time. Our industrial collaboration will make you use frameworks directly from the den of the software industry.

This is a course designed to put your first step on the Android development platform. In this course, you will see the Android operating system in action and will make you use this operating system fearlessly.

Get registered in this to learn mobile development. This fundamental course on Android will make you able to develop apps to be used on mobile. You will learn the android logic, you will learn android architecture. Here you will learn supporting tools to be used to develop an interactive mobile app.

The format of the course is designed logically to take you from the beginner android developer to the intermediate android developer. By the time the course is completed you be a confident android mobile app developer.

The course concludes with an exhaustive session on testing your mobile app on different software platforms.

“I forgot” is out of the Programming Line dictionary, we will regularly remind you to work hard, learn, experiment, and submit fees on time.

Why should you learn Android?

Learn this course to make mobile applications and target the ever-growing touch screen industry. Touch screens are in use and will be in use in the future. Touch screen devices are increasing and with this software to use them is increasing. The software industry is overloaded with the assignments of developed software for the Touch screen devices.

Get registered in this course and hit the ever-growing touch screen market, by the time this course achieves the objective each of the registered candidates will see themselves as an Android Software developer.

Android mobile app developers are in demand and can get lucrative jobs. Take this course and become part of a success story written by the cast and crew of Programming Line.

Why should you take our course?

This is a course designed for aspirants having curious to become programmers. This course is not for skilled Android developers, this is a course designed for beginners having no or bits-bytes of Android programming knowledge.

If you are in search of a course that builds upon your analytical skills to transform you into a skilled programmer then this course is for you. A learner having basic level programming knowledge in the domain of Java programming language will get the most out of this course.

Quick learners are welcome in this course they will understand the Android programming ethics with the basic knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming language.

What makes our course a best-selling course?

This course is not a screenshot of Android but a reel on Android living upto your expectations. Our detailed description and explanation of the Android Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is exclusively for beginners. The IDE we use is Eclipse and all the programming examples are taken from existing Android apps, this is termed reengineering.

Reengineering the existing Android apps makes this course a best seller.

Our industrial collaboration and participation are a buzz in the market. Acceptability of our Android course is large and wide.

Our comments on your work, our regular questions on your thinking and our regular suggestions on your programming skills will turn you into a fortified Android mobile app developer.

Who is this course for?

This course by Programming Line is for Tamil students. Instructional material is in Tamil, our trainers are Tamil, they speak Tamil, they will write Tamil, they will read Tamil. This is an out-of-the-box Android course in Tamil.

If you are a passionate learner having strong analytical skills then this course is for you. A beginner having basic programming ability but economically backward then this course is for you. Programming Line provides fellowship to economically backward Tamil students.

A beginner from the domain of Bachelor of Computer Application, Master of Computer Application, and Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Engineering is the most suitable candidate for this course.



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