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C Course in Tamil

Instructors: Programming Line Team

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Course Curriculum


The basic requirement to attend this course is to have working knowledge and handling of computers. A learner having analytical skills and having ability in verbal and non-verbal reasoning can do well in this course.


C course in Tamil is designed to develop skills in computer programming. The course is introduced to build fundamentals in programming. Learners will work on problems having beginner to intermediate level difficulty index.

This C course in Tamil will teach you how to work on the logic of the program and convert this logic into a procedure. You will learn techniques of algorithm development, to do this you will learn the systematic treatment of problems. When the algorithm is designed this algorithm is transformed into a program in C language. 

If you desire to become a software developer and have the intention to build skills in computer programming then you are in the right place. This platform is for you, this platform is for Tamil students. Programming line has designed a course that will build foundation skills in the domain of computation and automation.

The course will build demonstrable programming skills and will be acting as a foundation course designed to develop logic, the basic building block of program development. The course ends with a project on the C language, in this project learners will learn the project development life cycle and will make you familiar with different C libraries. The project will use a library on mathematics, thus learners will learn the use of different mathematical functions in C language. The project is distributed over three modules and contains challenging tasks to be accomplished within the stipulated period. The project will introduce you will advance programming skills.

Candidates completing the course will be awarded a certificate that is acceptable across the software development industry. This online course is at your kick start, this course supports instant learning and waits for your successful registration in this course. The course is self-paced and can be scheduled as per the learner's time availability. The course completion deadlines are flexible and can be maintained, managed, and set by learners.

To begin learning, this course requires no prerequisites. This is a beginner-level course designed to make you proficient in programming skills and will make you learn logic development. The course has 13 modules spread over 103 sessions to be completed in 19 hours 27 minutes 23 seconds. The module sessions and time is based on scientific research findings based on learning theories.

This door opener course will transform me into a logical and skillful programmer. Cognitive transition is required to develop logic to create a program in C language, each module of the course makes you transit one step towards this objective.

Each session focused to make you learn C programming fundamentals and preparing you to face technical interviews in C language. Faculties are immensely helpful and dedicated to developing a conceptual understanding of the C language.

Programming Line course on C language in Tamil is going to play a key role to make a transition in your career in basic programming skills. The course requires dedication and immense participation from the registered candidates to attain the course objectives.

This course will impart new technical knowledge and will introduce and develop skills required to break into the world of software development. Programming Line is providing online learning for the past few decades. This course on C language by Programming Line will act as a pathfinder and will lead you to attain success and live a life of a software developer.

You will master the C programming fundamentals and will let you learn skills that are required to learn to program using C programming constructs. The course has a series of exercises to develop skills having master-level proficiency.

Review this course and get registered and begin with module 1 session 1 and “What is C language?” in just 7 minutes. These 7 minutes will brief you on C language and will build a link to the next session on “How to install Sublime and GCC?”. All sessions in the module are linked and will support you and assist you to attain a learning objective.

The registration process for this course is simple and requires basic information to be furnished to you. To successfully register in this course it is required to submit fees on time. The course comes with lifetime or on-year access for more than ninety-five lectures in C language. Subscription or its termination depends is at your discretion. All registered students will have an account on the Programming Line cloud to be used to store and manage instructional material. The dashboard of the account will enable you to track your success and progress in the course. 

The course supports different electronic mediums and delivers instructional material in different media formats. The course can be learned on different mediums Android, iPhone, Laptop, and Desktop. Getting a Programming Line certificate depends on your successful completion of course assessment and module exercises.

C is an important programming language and finds its use in different fields, the fundamentals learner in this course can be extended to other languages desired to be learned. The course will make you work on a defined set of problems and will enable you to develop programs right from algorithm development to output analysis.

You will learn to write code in the C programming editor, techniques to debug the C program, commands to compile the program, commands to execute the program, and methods used to test the program. The course has a special session on bugs and finding and fixing them.

The course is efficient and teaches you function, structure, and pointers with descriptions, concepts, and examples. Pointer is a critical concept of C language and is covered by programming line experts in-depth with elaborative examples. You will understand different concepts related to functions and different concepts related to structure, every concept covered in this course is accompanied by examples and a detailed discussion on it.

You will learn techniques to interact with users. The course has sessions on this and on how to improve user interaction. The course will make you work on dynamic memory allocation techniques and how to use them. Advance concepts on pointers and concepts related to strings and their use are covered in this course.

The modules are designed to improve human-computer interaction and are getting appreciated by different online courses providing fraternity. Techniques are discussed on how to develop a program for a complex problem. Thus you will learn concepts related to dynamic programming.

The course material is developed by academicians having teaching and learning experience of more than 8 years. All the academicians are well-versed in learning theory and have countable experience in software development.

Programming Line has more than 10000 registered candidates in different online courses offered. The count is increasing at a rapid pace revealing the success story of Programming Line. The programming line experts are opening different frontiers of success in C programming.

The knowledge gained by the course on C language in Tamil at programming line can be applied to develop different services to be used in different sectors of the society. Programming Line is active on social networks and can be found on different social networking platforms.

The help and support team of Programming Line extends its professional and academic experience in creating your job-oriented profile on different social networking platforms and delivers services to conduct technical interviews in C language. The team of experts in the programming line will let you build resumes that can attract employers. All the registered candidates are given cloud storage to upload and share instructional material.

Why should you learn C?

C is a programming language that develops the ability to think conceptually, C language improves logical thinking and lets you develop your computational skills. C is a language used to build firmware and software.

After learning C, successful pass-outs can become trainers, software developers, and firmware developers and get engaged in the designing and development of drivers to interact with electronic devices.

C is a career-oriented programming language and is the foundation language to be used in the domain of Robotics, different implementation techniques of Artificial Intelligence, and methods of machine learning.

C programmers are in demand in different industries and business sectors.

Why should you take our course?

We at Programming Line build C language programming concepts. These concepts act as stepping stones to advancing-level programming language. Learner having an interest in learning Java, Python, or C++. We build the basics of programming in this course and it acts as a leap in developing your career as a software developer.

Our lectures are based on standards used to develop software in industries. 

We at Programming Line will make you learn standard programming concepts and the use of a few of the standard C programming language libraries.

What makes our course a best-selling course?

This is one of the best-selling courses on Programming Line. We at programming line make you familiar with different use of C programming construct in different routines of Operating systems, Android, Mac/iOS, etc., We bring forward different constructs of C programming language from the software developer perspective and the research perspective.

You will learn to work with different C programming libraries and their use in different programming problems. The examples, concepts, and procedures are developed by industrial experts and improved by academic professionals.

This course emerged as an outcome of academic-industry participation and is designed to build concepts useful in learning an advanced-level programming language.

Who is this course for?

This course is for Tamil students. C is a beginner-level programming language and is now part of different university and non-university curriculums; this course is for all those who want to learn the C language to attain their learning objectives.

C language programming questions are being asked in different competitive exams and are a part of aptitude development. Learners preparing for job interviews both within the campus and off-campus can take this course.

The course is structured to target interview questions asked in different Job interviews.

The course is designed to train Tamil students to train them to face technical interviews in different software industries.



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