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C++ Course in Tamil

Instructors: Programming Line Team

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Course Curriculum


The course is created for:

  • Students can read, write and understand Tamil.
  • The course is for learners having programming skills in the C language.
  • Learners having no Programming skills can join this course.
  • Beginners having analytical reasoning skills, and verbal & non-verbal reasoning skills can join this course.
  • Learners have 14 hours 8 minutes 37 seconds to learn via online mode.
  • Learner having Android, iPhones, laptop & Desktop with established internet connectivity.


This course is developed for beginners with having familiarity with programming skills. The course will begin by giving an introduction to a brief history of C++. C++ is a programming language that implements Object-Oriented principles. You will learn Object-Oriented Principles in a separate module.

Deep down the course learner will acquire programming skills. The time limit set to complete this course is 14 hours 8 minutes 37 seconds but it can be extended depending on the learner's performance and interest. This is an online course begin it as soon as you get registered. This self-paced course can be scheduled as per the learner's suitability. Learners having beginner-level knowledge in C programming or have familiarity with Object-Oriented principles can join this course.

The course is offered by Programming Line an established platform giving online training to Tamil students. The programming line is committed to providing exhaustive courses on C++ having in-depth explanations and discussions on Object-Oriented Principles. This course contains examples from real-life to give you a proper understanding of Object-Oriented Principles and their implementation of using C++ programming constructs.

Programming Line is a platform connecting novice C programmers to expert C++ mentors. The chain of dedicated mentors that Programming Line has is unmatchable with other online learning platforms. Programming Line teaching techniques are unparallel.

Orientation of this course is practical providing hands-on experience on real-life examples and implementing these examples using C++ programming constructs molded by Object-Oriented principles.

A certificate in Programming Line will give you an edge over your peers. This course will make you learn new Object-Oriented Programming principles from the instructors pioneering in the domain of C++. This is a course that will fulfill your expectations of a good course and your search for a good C++ online course ends here.Course content is getting success in hooking the learner, from programming line online platform to social networking platform, programming line teaching assistants are with you providing you feedback on the learning and gaining skills. Programming Line Twitter feeds are exceptional and appreciated by all the registered candidates across the learning industry. The course will make you proficient in C++.

This is not a reading course this is a course that will improve your programming skills not by theory but by our intensive and exhaustive practical sessions. Feel the difference in learning from a programming line online platform (far much better than learning from the textbook).

Learn the tools that the software industry is using to develop software and applications. These tools will move you one step forward to your desired objective. The course has a success story and can propel your career.

The learner, experts, and professional rating of course content is extremely good and is improving since the launching of this online course. The course is Tamil and 22 modules spread over 58 sessions are to be completed within a fixed time limit but conditionally flexible.

Module one of the course gives you the basics of C++, the medium is video. The next module is on C++ operators distributed over 6 sessions to be covered in 2 hours 17 minutes. This module will explain C++ Operators, Conditional statements, Unary operators, Assignment operators, Relation slaw Operators, and Logical Operators. The module contains theory, explanation, comparative statements, and conceptual examples.

The third module is on C++ Conditional Statements having practical examples and elaborative sessions to discuss its importance. This will be done in 1 hour 6 minutes in this teaching hour we will cover “If statements ”, “If Else statements ”, “If Else If statements ”, and “Switch statements”.

Other modules of the course will cover C++ loops, Strings, Functions, Arrays, Pointers, Class & Objects, Destructors, Access Specifiers, this operator, and other concepts of C++ programming.

All registered candidates are learning with joy, and are appreciating the teaching techniques of online instructors. Thumbs-up to our online instructors for extending this course to cover the basics of C language and make it more comfortable for learners not having programming skills in C Programming.

Learn techniques of solving problems using programming constructs of C++, the techniques use Object-Oriented Principles to solve problems. The solution set of the problem contains sessions on algorithm design and analysis. This smoothie from Programming Line is one of the best-selling courses.

The course is popular among its peer and is rated high for its course content and conceptual assignments. The assignments are used as tools to mark your progress and learning gain in the course. Though the assignments are tough but are able in turning novice learners to attain beginner-level programming skills.

Timely feedback to the learner is constructive and is a successful harpoon of Programming Line. The feedback is a two-way communication link designed to improve the overall teaching and learning framework.

Learn will be working on the latest C++ compiler to cope-up with ever-growing software industry requirements. The seekers of this course are enthusiasts from the native places of Tamil Naidu located at distant geographical locations, thanks to Programming Line to bring such an exhaustive coverage on C++ and deliver remote training.

All the lectures are focused and have a well-defined directional path to attain the course objective. The course content is developed to avoid redundant instructional material and develop a logical approach among the course entrants.

The course has registered the highest number of Tamil students and is one of the top three courses among the existing online course on C++ in the Tamil language. Get registered in this course to get feedback on your coding skills and improve it within the defined time limit.

Time and money are well spent on this optimized C++ course in Tamil. The course covers critical features of C++ including derived class, namespace, function, and class. Concept building begins with the first module of the course.

To demonstrate practical skills learners are tested against a litmus test, the test is designed and framed by C++ programmers having a countable number of years working as C++ developers. This litmus test is a benchmark to showcase your practical skills to your peers and the software industry professionals.

Beginners in the domain of C++ are going to gain the most out of this course, the instructional material is engaging, and practical examples are based on industry standards.

Why should you learn C++?

C++ is a programming language that implements Object Oriented Principles. The application of C++ is broad and wide and is used to develop internet browsers, different kinds of application software, and even financial software is developed in C++. To implement Object-Oriented Principles C++ is the most widely and most recommended language.

Learners having proficiency in C++ programming constructs can understand the higher-level programming language such as Java and Microsoft . Net framework. All the Object-Oriented Principles implemented using a C++ programming language are used to build a framework on which the internal working of software is based. Thus C++ is a language need to be learned.

Why should you take our course?

Take this course to become proficient in C++ programming. The learning resources of this course are great and are recognized and accepted by some most proficient C++ programmers in the software development industry.

The doubt-clearing sessions are good and taken by expert instructors of Programming Line. Our experts are trained and tested against established benchmarks in the domain of C++, their timely feedback is improving learning gain.

The course is designed to make you proficient in C++ programming and grow you as an industry expert. To achieve this objective the course module is developed as a collaboration of academic-industry experts.

The course is in the Tamil language and is designed to transform Tamil students into C++ experts.

What makes our course the best-selling course?

This is one of the best-selling courses as this course is designed, maintain, and managed as per the needs of the Tamil students. The course builds a foundation for different typed of structures used in programming. The course lets you dive deep into logic programming. Learners will be learning different parts of the program with its practical aspect.

We at programming Line put foundation pillars to learning higher programming languages such as Java and Microsoft . Net framework.

C++ is considered one of the most efficient programming languages and its compilation process is fast as compared to other programming languages, we make you work on the techniques to achieve the benefits of C++.

In this course, you will get familiar with the library to interact with hardware as it will be beneficial for you to work with electronic components.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed, maintained, and managed for Tamil students located in distant geographical locations and unable to learn technical and professional programming skills via classroom study. This online course brings state-of-the-art programming concepts at a rate that is unbeatable in the online learning industry.

This course is for beginners and novice programmers seeking to learn high-level programming skills that too in the Tamil language. No prior programming skill is required to learn this course, knowledge of C programming constructs will help to build C++ programming logic.

Tamil students are the target learners of this course, all the modules, sessions, and instructional materials are developed in the Tamil language and doubt clearing sessions are also in the Tamil language.

This is a course for Tamil students.



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