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Front End Development Bundle

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All the course content with its description is reserved for learners having fluency in English. The course content is not a reproduction nor a transmission of existing courses available on front-end development.

To get enrolled in this course the aspirants must have an understanding of browser, browser is a platform that is targeted by iOS and Android, Ruby on Rails and PHP, and operating systems. In addition to this knowledge of computer graphics will support learning in this course. Hands-on with any one of the available software for the development of graphical elements will be useful.

This course will teach you to develop software for the available browser. Learners enrolled in this course will be taught to build software applications using a different set of front-end technologies having analytical skills is a must.

A valid internet connection with a bandwidth enough to support high-definition videos is required to work in this course. A personal computer having a recently released operating system is required.

This course will not teach you how to do programming but it's assumed that enrolled students have a working knowledge of writing code. Thus familiarity with programming concepts is assumed.


This course will teach you to develop web applications. Each web application is covered in a separate module of the course. Each module is used to develop a rich web application. The course is designed on a learning continuum.

The course begins with a module to teach you programming fundamentals for the target browser. This is done with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are front-end technologies to build the user interface. This module will teach you the internal mechanics of browsers.

The second module teaches you how to use Java script techniques to generate modular structures. The module has teaching lectures on Ajax. The model is specially designed to build the front-end using the front-end programming language.

In the third module enrolled students will learn how to establish communication with the users. The student will the client-server model and will work on the chat server. This module has guest lectures from industry experts to build a chat system.

Fourth and the last module has an in-depth analysis of the most used frameworks in software industries to develop the front-end. The course is enriched with the most popular framework ecosystem that makes its learner able to create exotic front-end applications.

The course is a bundle of tools used to create front-end applications such as Atom and its associated plug-ins, useful documentation resources, working with command prompt (Command Line), techniques to synchronize browsers on different devices and different platforms, and Bootstrapping.

The learners will learn jQuery and associated libraries as a critical front-end development tool. The course arms its learner with Node.js to create an attractive, engaging, and responsive front-end. Other techniques that will be discussed include - Bower web package manager, Homebrew a friend to apple, and Watchman A file watching service.

This is not a scrap course, this course is curated and designed especially for software front-end developers. The course will not be found in any of the recipe books available to make you a front-end developer. After taking this course enrolled students can feel the hump and enjoy front-end development.

The course has been designed to promote reinforcement learning. The creator of this course has a firm belief that front-end development is practice, the more you practice the better you design.

The course has mind-digging exercises that demand extra effort from you to get accomplished. The improves your problem-solving ability and improves the cognitive domain. This is a course designed to challenge your capabilities and turnouts of this course can challenge the industry professionals.

Get on to this course before the enrollment date expires, this is the most compatible course with an assistantship to brilliant enrolments.

Front-end can be developed using numerous front-end development tools but this course stands on tools that professionals use in the industry. The tools taken under study are outcome research conducted on software industries busy in creating front-end.

To get on to this course enrolled students should know browser settings, use of text editors and their associated settings, and techniques of documenting. The course review is splendid and course turnouts have acclaimed respect in the world of front-end development.

After getting registered and enrolled students will be given a link to download software that will be used to take the lesson of this course. The course is directed towards the development of front-end developers.

The computer you use should support readily available browsers. The download link given after registration delivers the required browser to be used for the testing developed front-end projects.

Front-end development needs an understanding of technical documentation. Here you will learn to read and write technical documents. You do not have to remain in search of the course on front-end development after getting enrolled in this course.

The course has a pedagogy to get into the course and the course content is taken from sources that have been in use in the front-end development industry for more than 10 years thus embarking its authenticity. As the course content is available in different media formats and is downloadable from the website it is available on your local computers even if the internet connection is lost or the internet connection is of low bandwidth.

The course has limited seats so hurry up before all the seats are occupied. Programming Line accepts both credit cards and debit cards. If you refer this course to your friend and turn this reference into a successful registration then you will get an additional 10 percent discount.

Why should you learn Front End Development ?

Front End development offers you job security. It is an in-demand course having promising career opportunities. The course has elaborate modules to improve fundamental skills. Get on the course to learn front-end development tools.

The structure of the course is modular and is designed to raise analytical skills to be used in the development of the front-end. The course train you to work as a front-end developer or as a freelancer.

This is a job-oriented course offered by Programming Line. Trust in programming line courses is increasing as it has more than ninety percent placement of the students enrolled in the course.

Why should you take this course ?

Programming Line brings you state-of-the-art front-end development techniques. The course has strong support from industry experts having countable professional working experience. Trust the programming line and build your career.

This course gives its registered students more freedom to learn front-end development through different media formats. The course has learning material in downloadable format to support offline mode.

If you have willpower then we dare to make you learn and grab your dream job. We at Programming Line avoid boilerplate front-end code. We train our students to build code from scratch and that too as per the industry experts.

What makes our course a best-selling course?

We don’t target students, we don’t have marketing strategies, and we don’t follow students. We at programming line meteor students and they target industry experts, they target developing market scenarios and they follow industry standards to develop engaging, attractive, and life-changing front-ends.

Our team of teaching experts is unmatchable and delivers techniques suitable for real-world working scenarios and standards. The techniques are taught as per the technology available in the industry and bring forward new and emerging techniques.

The front-end development bundle will give the required kick-start to your career and make you feel enjoyable and pleasurable.

Who is this course for ?

This is the course designed for students knowing programming and web development. The course is designed to get adapt to the challenging career of web development and become a consistent front-end developer.

To become a pioneer in the domain of front-end development and get rid of the boring domain of code development get registered in this course.

No qualification is required, you need to have analytical, verbal, and non-verbal reasoning skills to register in this course. We will make you learn to want we want.



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