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Html Course in Tamil

Instructors: Programming Line Team

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Course Curriculum


Following is the set of requirements to attend this course:

  • Understanding of Tamil and English language.
  • Understanding of Computer Hardware and Software.
  • Familiarity with Operating systems and functions to do different types of tasks in the Operating System.
  • Working knowledge with a Text editor.
  • No special computer hardware configuration is required, the minimum configuration required is to run an Operating System and associated software.
  • Having 14 hours 36 minutes 26 seconds to attend class.


This online course in HTML will turn you into a beginner-level web developer. HTML is evolving at a constant pace, this evolution is introducing technology to develop a web page that is more interactive and more responsive than before.

HTML is used to create a user interface rich in graphics to increase the degree of the user interface. HTML web pages are platform-independent and require minimum hardware configuration to get rendered. This course has a dedicated module to teach technical features of HTML.

Learn to create a stunning web page to increase the user return ratio. A good user interface helps in accessing different components of the website. The HTML course in Tamil discusses and makes you work on the practical aspect of HTML by applying a set of rules used to develop a good user interface.  

The objective of this course is to introduce the HTML skills needed to create different kinds of websites. This course will turn you into a web developer and leave you at a stage from which you can begin your career in web development.

To begin this course no special hardware and software are needed. The software required to begin this course is open source and the hardware requirement is minimum to run the operating system and associated software. The course will train you to use HTML tools that are used in HTML software development. The course is designed to make the web development processes easier and learner-friendly.

The job that requires HTML skills is increasing and the next decade is going to see revolutionary development in HTML technology. As per research conducted on the software industry, there is a scarcity of HTML professionals and the jobs are more. This course is an attempt to fill this gap. HTML skills are being paid high, an average HTML website developer is getting near about 45 lakhs per year, this course will give the launchpad to fly high in the sky of HTML website development.

The course is not theoretical rather it put stress more on practicals than the theoretical approach. Programming Line HTML experts will make you work on HTML practicals. Each module of the course has a practical assignment to be completed online and requires timely submission to get awarded a Programming Line certificate. The certificate is a benchmark to assure Job recruiters that the certificate holder has beginner-level HTML knowledge.

Each module begins with a simple concept and builds upon it to deliver complex HTML concepts. The difficulty level of the course varies somewhere between beginner and intermediate-level HTML developers.

The success mantra of this course is the practical-oriented approach of this course. The number of particle sessions of this course is more compared to the theoretical sessions of this course. This success mantra is working and giving remarkable results in turning learners having no working experience in HTML into an HTML developers having competent HTML skills. That too in an unbeatable price.

The course will be taught by Programming Line HTML experts and will put forward the mechanics of HTML. Experts will make you work on HTML projects to teach you the internal mechanics of HTML, project sessions are the selling factors of his course making this course one of the best among the available online courses on HTML. The project is from the HTML industry to make you familiar with the evolving HTML technology. HTML technical skills are attracting Job recruiters across the software industry located at distant geographical locations.

This web development course will begin your career at a pace that is enough to get you in the winning lane. Course modularization adapts to beginner-level knowledge and as the course advances, it gets adapted to intermediate web developers. The course gets completed by putting at a stage from where you can enter the world of professional software development.

Learn HTML from the ground zero and build advanced level HTML knowledge, industrial experts involved in developing professional websites are mentors of this course. The course is an add-on to the portfolio of the young HTML developers and projects act as an extra feather to your wings to take much strong and increase the vertical reach of the HTML web development course.

Learn HTML functions to build dynamic websites. The depth of the course is enough to transform you into a skilled HTML web developer. To begin this course get registered in this course either in a life plan or one-year plan. All the modules are divided into sessions, practical sessions are more compared to theoretical sessions. The module also contains video lectures to achieve the “See-n-Learn” approach.

The doubt-clearing sessions are exceptionally good and taken by Academic-Industry excerpts. Each session ends with the set of references to be accessed to get enriched with more advanced level in-depth HTML skills.

The course is in Tamil containing 20 modules spread over 88 sessions taken in 14 hours 36 minutes 26 seconds. In these 14 hours 36 minutes 26 seconds, you will develop the skills required to develop, maintain and manage the websites.

The search for a good beginner-level course in HTML ends here. After completing the course you can work in different multimedia firms engaged in developing the user interfaces for some of the top-notch software development firms. Skilled HTML developers can work with other actors in computer science applications.

Learn web designing basics and principles used to achieve this objective. Our HTML experts will make you visualize HTML concepts, and you will get familiar with and will be able to use different tags and elements of HTML. The course has a separate session dedicated to publishing websites.

Learn golden rules to design a website, how to design a web page and different concepts used in web page design. Understand the meaning of the World Wide Web and the standards of WWW. Learn will get insight into Web Publishing and its ethics. A good website structure leads to easy website publishing, get the correct and optimized website structure with our team of experts, this course has defined modules that will teach you to build an interactive structure of the website.

All the registered candidates are under continuous evaluation, the methods used to evaluate the candidates are both formative and summative. The assessment techniques are excellent and can corner the loopholes in learning HTML skills.

Why should you learn HTML?

Internet websites are growing and their use in different industries is increasing at a constant pace. Websites are a critical factor in the growth of the business. A good website makes businesses flourish and prosper. Learn HTML skills now to see yourself as a high-earning HTML web developer.

HTML is used to create an aesthetically pleasing website. A website built using the golden rules of HTML is indexed much better as compared to a website that is created by combining different tags and elements of HTML. HTML is a powerful web development language that is used to create websites that can run on different platforms having different hardware and software configurations.

Why should you take our course?

Programming Line provides an interesting and learner-engaging platform to learn and build websites. This HTML course in Tamil is providing Job opportunities to great achievers of this course with the help of this collaboration.

Each registered candidate is awarded a certificate that is recognized by Academics as well as software industries.

What makes our course a best-selling course?

To get a hike in your professional career take this course. The course is designed for beginner-level HTML web developers seeking to get their promotion. The course can change your professional career in web development.

The instructors of this course are excellent and provide training to make you learn the software industry standard. The objective of the course is to make you job-ready. Programming Line offers state-of-the-art HTML techniques.

The course is a real value-for-money instructional material enriched with live project examples to make you familiar with the best HTML technical skills. The instructional material is created by a group of academicians having teaching experience in HTML for more than 10 years

Who is this course for?

This course is in Tamil language and provides training to students having the ability to read, write and understand Tamil and English language. The course is for students seeking to get a salary hike in their job and one who wants to learn the golden rules of HTML.

Learners who have a desire to learn from industry experts and want to become HTML experts by solving HTML exercises of varying difficulty levels can get registered in this course and gain the most out of this course.

This is a groundbreaking course designed to build interactive and engaging websites. Students having a desire to maintain the rhythm of the websites can take this course.



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