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Mega Bundle (30+ Courses in 1 Bundle)

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Language: Tamil

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Package Contents

Complete Java Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
React.js Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
Android Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
OOPs Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
HTML5 Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
JavaScript Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
PHP Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
C Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
MySQL Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
Html Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
Flutter Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
Angular JS Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
C++ Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
CSS Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
Django Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
Selenium Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
Ruby Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
React Native Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
Game Development With Unity Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
Node.js Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
Python Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
Rail Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
Software Design Patterns Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
Kotlin Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
Quantitative Aptitude Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
Mongo DB Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
English Grammar Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team
Express JS Course in Tamil
Programming Line Team


30+ courses in 1 bundle contain 30 courses namely, Object Oriented Principles, C, C++, Java, Python, Html, CSS, Software Design Patterns, JavaScript, HTML5, Django, Selenium, MySQL, Kotlin, Unity, Android, Recat.js, Node.js, Ruby, Rail, PHP, Mongo DB, React Native, Quants, Fluter.

Requirements to learn these 30+ courses include:

  • Ability to narrow down the problem. This will improve solving ability.
  • Ability to think conditionally, and have strong analytical skills.
  • Ability to create a path to assess the logic, review it, and if required improve the logic.
  • Ability to schedule work to be efficient and productive.
  • Ability to focus on details.
  • Ability to convert the problem into objectives.
  • Have an understanding of how computers work.
  • Ability to think abstract, the ability to think about objects even if it does not exist, and the ability to visualize.
  • Ability to pay attention to relevant details.
  • The recalled power of programmers must be good thus programmers must have the ability to use memory.
  • Knowledge of scientific methods, scientific methods are used to break large problems into smaller problems. Scientific methods decide the techniques used to write programming instructions.
  • Programming is a group work thus programmers must have the ability to understand the needs of their team members, the emotions of team members, and the ability to interpret the work of the team members.


Bundles are the outcome of scientific methods, creating a bundle is an art. Mega Bundle (30+ Courses) is an art of Programming Line and implementation of scientific methods by the experts of programming line.

All the courses in this bundle are balanced and at the correct level of depth. The courses in the bundle are made interesting by setting appropriate depth in terms of the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains.

Every course is set at the defined and tested milestone. The bundle is a planned work by experts in programming line taking you one step towards the desired objectives.

Each course in the bundle makes its learner's skilled resources, the course combination is amazing, and complementary courses are kept together. Courses in the bundle are optimized to maintain harmony to achieve the desired objective.

Mega Bundle (30+ Courses) maintains realism, all the courses in the bundle is kept at a level that trains you to become an industry professional. Our experienced professionals can build an impressive course bundle, the bundle can convenience its learners and can build craftsmanship.

This course bundle is astonishing for software industry professionals.

 The course structure is thrilling as it has realism in it. This course will pop technical elements used in programming and industry experts after providing job will say “WOW”.

The n-dimension course can create an illustration that is appreciated by academic, non-academic, and software industry professionals. All the courses in the bundle are a composition of the needs and requirements of the software industry to build software developers of the future. Future belongs to the trained software engineers of Programming Line.

We transform amateur software developers into professional software developers. This is a course that is built to develop a deep foundation for software developers. The registered candidates get a balanced guided path leading to the milestone of software development.
The course is rated high and can influence academic, industry, and non-industry professionals.

Time is not a parameter of a great course, but the correct and planned usage of time is one of the parameters that decide the competency level among learners. This course has an optimized time of 1 year and it is enough to develop competency-level skills. Learners having intermediate-level software development skills may require six months to develop competency-level skills. This is a course designed for learners having beginner-level software development skills.

 The bundle is developed out of the experience and has each course that has an appropriate amount of details in it. A lot of details do not make a course great but putting them in correct alignment makes a course impressive.

The bundle has an imagination, and successful pass-outs of the course touch the imagination line. It will take hours to work to meet up the imagination of the course creators.

Mega Bundle (30+ courses in 1 Bundle) grabs the attention of software industry recruiters. The technical aspect of the course is good, and the course can develop the skills that are required in the software industry.

 The anatomy of the course is appreciated by all the registered candidates for the course. Every course is proportioned and balanced as per the software industry requirements. The course compromises topics that include emerging techniques in the domain of software development.

A course can not be judged by reading its description, two learners can have different points of view on the same course. The rating of the course is subjective to the instructor-learner participation. This course grading is a long-term process and is subjected to the parameters that define the course. Putting it in short, this course has a good rating and great grading.

This realistic Mega Bundle 30+ course bundle is a marvel in the list of programming line courses. The courses in the bundle are not random use of colors leading to work as distractors but it is an art that is becoming an eye-ball drop for most of the software industries.

To take up this course analytical study is required. The aspirants of this course must have the ability in analytical skills. The course comes in different media formats and the visual design of the course is great.

The course objective is an outcome of the distillation process in software industries. The course can answer the question - of why registered candidates. The techniques taught in the course are of great use in professional software development settings.

The complexity level of this course is a beginner to intermediate level and the synergy of this course can be experienced across the software industries. The strategy opted for in this course is based on learning theories.

 The benefit of this bundle is that many courses are available at a low price. This bundle of programming lines is different from the other courses available in the same price range.

The bundle includes learning material, sample practice sets, and free library access for one year. The learning material is available in downloadable format and referenced material can be obtained from the inventory of the programming line.

You will learn 30 courses at one price !!! saving that will not go unnoticed. This is a premium bundle offered by the programming line matching a few of the best-rated bundles available in the same price range.

All the courses are correlated into one single package, thus multiple courses are available in a single swoop. This is a handcrafted bundle and is a milestone at an exciting price. This inexpensive product by programming line can not be ignored. All the courses in the bundle are equal contributors to your software development course.

The congruity of this bundle is of high value and bound its target audience on monetary boundaries.

Why should you learn Mega Bundle?

Mega Bundle is a developer track containing courses that will put you on the software development track. The courses in this bundle are complementary to each other and the impact of the course can be felt across the software industry.

The teaching strategies used in this course are simple and are appreciated by registered students. The overall learning from the course is positive. This bundle can be swallowed at a pace that is most suitable for you. Clicking on the buy button will take you into this course.

This is not a child recipe outcome of an experiment, this is a product that is established because of its magnificent track record.

Why should you take our course?

Instead of learning each course independently, take this course to have a scientific path that leads you to the software development track. This product of the programming line is in demand on sales channels.

This is a unified product by programming line having simple learning cases. The course bundle tracks the progress of each student and raises a timely alert if the performance level of the registered candidates goes down. The learning interface goes red if the attendance of the students goes down below the set standards. This is a course that will make you work.

The course can be integrated with major learning platforms thus providing you global reach at a rate this unmatchable with the currently available bundle in the market.

What makes our course a best-selling course?

This is one of the best-selling courses pass-outs of this course are working in the manufacturing industry, inventory stock management, and software development firms.
This 30+ course bundle in one package on the programming line dashboard has an efficient and effective workflow. This Mega bundle has been inspirational and has set standards in the domain of software development.

Gain a deep understanding of the software development process using different frameworks by getting registered in this product by programming line. The course is optimized for beginners and the learning path is productive.

Sync with our course and fulfill your desire to become a smart software developer.

Who is this course for?

This is a course designed for Tamil students. This course fulfills your needs when you need them. If you want to boost your efficiency then this course is for you. Take this course to take control of your software development career.

If you want to keep on moving and have a desire to look smart, take this course.



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