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MySQL Course in Tamil

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Instructors: Programming Line Team

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Course Curriculum


To get registered for this course you must have the following skills:

  • Able to read, write and understand Tamil and English language.
  • Understanding of Operating System and commands to interact with the Operating System.
  • Having Android, iPhone, Laptop & Desktop with internet connectivity.
  • 17 Hours 1 minute 30 seconds to attend the online sessions and desire to learn MYSQL


In this course, you will learn terminology and fundamental concepts of MYSQL, different data models used in MYSQL, and concepts of Data Base Management Systems with an orientation to make you prepare technical job interview.

The course is designed to provide practical training to use the different syntaxes of Structured Query Language. Learn to create a database free from the insert, update and delete anomalies. Learn the concept of Normalization, retrieving values from multiple database tables using JOINS and other SQL concepts to maintain the database in an unambiguous state.

Learn to install MYSQL in the most optimized state. You will learn SQL statements with an analytical discussion on it. This is a course to make you proficient in practical. Training on MySQL contains Video lectures. SQL statement video tutorials are on the MYSQL query editor to make you able to use to SQL editor.

The objective of the course is to make you proficient in writing effective and efficient SQL statements. The course will discuss the internal working of SQL statements. Learn to write complex SQL statements to interact with multiple tables.

The course begins with an introduction to MYSQL and teaches to design techniques to create database structures that facilitate quick retrieval of values from multiple tables. The database models are used to achieve this. The course has dedicated modules that explain, discuss, and elaborate theoretical concepts on data models. SQL queries to create data models are discussed in practical sessions.

Learn to build relationships among database tables in the module on Relational Database Management System. The more efficient the relationship the less time it takes to retrieve the required values from the table.

The course is designed to equip you with techniques used to create an unambiguous database. Practical sessions on this are useful and make you a skilled SQL developer. To do this the course has dedicated modules on Cost Optimization and Heuristic Optimization.

 Concepts such as indexes, setting constraints, and different sorting techniques are discussed theoretically with practical examples. These concepts are building blocks to creating an optimized database. The technique is practically implemented in the practical sessions on Indexes, Constraints, and different sorting techniques. The course has 20 modules distributed in 88 sessions to be covered in 17 hours 1 minute 30 seconds. Each module has a description of different concepts of SQL discussed analytical followed by practical sessions.

Programing Line has designed this course to make you learn by performing practices on SQL editor. The course emphasizes more practical than theoretical concepts. Each query taught is executed on SQL editor.

Learn different settings of SQL editor to optimize it as per the required working environment. You will learn to execute the SQL queries at the command prompt of SQL and on an internet browser-supported SQL environment.

The course objective is to make you an expert in working with SQL queries. This is training that is delivered to transform you to become an SQL developer. The SQL skills gained in this course will provide you with beginner to intermediate-level expertise.

Each module has a defined tutorial having instructional material with a difficulty level between beginner to intermediate. Each module is available in video format. Instructional material is created by experienced academic and industrial professionals having working experience with SQL developers in the software industry.

Each module has assignments, practical exercises, and interactions with industry experts working in the domain of database management techniques. The instructors are available on different social networking platforms to support you in your practice sessions and guide you to build SQL projects.

The Programming Line has a strong network of professionals working in the domain MySQL across India. This network includes a list of entrepreneurs using MySQL as a platform to grow their businesses. These entrepreneurs are acting job creators to pass out of this course.

Learners are provoked to participate in different events taking place at different geographical locations on MySQL. All registered candidates are encouraged to write articles on any of the evolving technology in the domain of MySQL. The curriculum is generated using news articles on MySQL, magazine articles on MySQL, and articles emerging from different events.

Dive deep into the course with Programming Line experts to become a professional MySQL expert. Programming Line offers discussions on MySQL forums and Blogs powered by exports of Programming Line. These forums and Blogs will enrich you with technical concepts raised in the development of professional MySQL software.

Passionate learners are welcome to the course to develop SQL skills making them able to work in the domain of MySQL. Programming Line host technical seminar and job events based on the theme of emerging technologies in MySQL.

Online training makes it possible to focus on the learning gain of each registered candidate and monitor their learning journey. The learning gain of each registered is observed and recorded and displayed on the profile page.

Mentors of Programming Line belong to research, academic and industrial communities. Career growth in the stream of MySQL is good and provides opportunities to become an expert MySQL industrial professional.

Each learner on satisfactory performance in the assessment of MySQL will be awarded a Programming Line certificate

Why should you learn MySQL?

MySQL is used to maintain the database of different software applications used in academic, industrial, and business. It is open-source software and its license is free. The database management techniques are effective and efficient. It is used in most of the software developed on the PHP platform as it provides a stable database. MySQL is a reliable relational database management software able to maintain a secure database.

MySQL is used by some of the most popular social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. It is also used by WordPress and Drupal. Data security offered by MySQL is good and transactional processing is efficient which finds its application in eCommerce.

Learn MySQL to use free of cost to maintain large data even for commercial software applications.

Why should you take our course?

To understand different technical features of databases and develop scalable software learn MySQL at Programming Line. The course footprint can be observed in the database management techniques used by the different software industries to maintain and manage the database of the small to medium-scale software industry.

Our flexible learning schedule is suitable for students and working professionals. We provide on-demand training to adapt to the working schedule of software professionals. Our course is capable of providing customized solutions to the learning industry by reaching students located in distant geographical locations.

What makes our course a best-selling course?

This is one of the best-selling course online MySQL courses in Tamil. The course can grab the Tamil students' attention due to its strong course curriculum designed, maintained, and managed by academic-industry software professionals. The course content is rated high and is available in media format.

The course offers solutions to most of the exercises of the module, apart from this the Discussion Forums, Blogs, News Articles, and Magazine Articles of the course are exceptionally good and bring you some of the most emerging technologies in the domain of MySQL.

Who is this course for?

This is a course designed to teach Tamil students located in distant geographical locations and unable to attend the classroom training offered by Programming Line. All passionate Tamil learners having a desire to build their career in software development must take this course. The course is offered at a reduced cost to reach students that are economically weak and not able to learn technical skills due to the high fees of the course offered by other online learning platforms.

This course can be taken as a basic building block to advance level MySQL course to train students to become proficient in the use of SQL skills and become SQL developers.



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