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Python Course in Tamil

Instructors: Programming Line Team

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To take this course learners must have an understanding of the Tamil language. Learners having the ability to do programming in the C language is one of the desired skills to take this course.

This course is designed for undergraduates, graduates, master's students, and working professionals. The course is also suitable for freelance Python beginners aspiring to become Python professionals.


Python is used to develop Back-End, it is used to analyze data, and implement machine learning algorithms. This is a course in the Tamil language designed and developed by instructors having experience in Python. The objective of this course is to make you use Python to do data analysis, use it to implement machine learning algorithms, and enable you to use Python for back-end development.

The course completion objective is to make you proficient in Python to create a Python program to perform analysis operations. To do data analysis libraries, functions, dictionaries, methods, and scripts defined in Python must be used as per the defined standards, this course teaches you to do this.

This is an online course taught by experts in the domain of Python programming. The course is targeted to improve programming skills, learners curious to gain python programming skills will be satisfied after getting registered in this course.

The course completion certificate is recognized in most of the benchmark companies working in the domain of Python. This brain station course is needed of time and is in demand among Python learners.

The course is conducted online and tailored as per the industry standards. The course is conducted five days a week and has special sessions conducted by experts in the domain of the Software Industry.

In this course, you will learn Python programming fundamentals. Dive into the world of Python programmers and challenge experts in the field of Python. You will learn Python programming tools and techniques for using them. The learner will be able to establish concepts of programming.

The learner will learn to work with the Integrated Development Enviornment (IDE) of Python. As you become more proficient with the IDE, you will find it more enjoyable. IDE is your playground where you will learn to do Python programming, you will complete your exercise based on Python programming fundamentals. The exercise targets data analysis tasks. The course also shifts you to learn advanced concepts in Python programming once you get versed and proficient in the use of Python programming fundamentals.

The key skills learned in this course are the syntax of Python and basic data types. You will learn to work with Anaconda and Jupyter Notebooks. Jupyter Notebooks is used to develop code and learn in an easy-to-use environment. You will learn the settings of Python IDE to set to deliver feedback and learn Python with the develop-and-learn approach, this approach insists its learners develop Python code and learn to remove the errors in the code. This approach teaches you to read and understand the error messages popping up as the code is written, executed, and debugged.

The course has a module that teaches you data types, different types of variables, and how to use expressions. The course is designed to make you work on Python exercises to build logic to develop a robust Python program. These exercises are designed to make you proficient in advanced programming concepts of Python. These programming concepts are building blocks of Python.

The course has rigorous modules on algorithm design and the fundamentals of algorithms. The course will teach you data types and their use in programming having complex logic. The module will bring forward the ideas and different types of Python concepts to design and build software that processes evolving and changing information. You will learn to achieve the different types of functionality using different Python programming constructs.

The course comes with exercises based on Python techniques used in the software industry and different types of practice sets designed to make you proficient in Python programming. The course contains exercises to make you work on data organization and will convert you into a Python programmer having the ability to build and code condition-based programs.

To become an efficient Python programmer it is necessary to learn generic programming. Generic programming is required to maintain and manage the Python programs. You will learn techniques used to design logic that can process generating information and produce desired results.

The use of loops and understanding of parameters and their use in functions are part of this course and are used to build robust and dynamic Python programming.

To work with data and perform data analysis it is required to have an understanding of working with packages, Python data processing packages are used by professionals. The elaborative sessions of this course on data processing bring forward the technical features used to build you a proficient programmer having the ability to use Python data processing packages.

Learn to use different types of data sets and different operations that can be performed using data sets. The course is designed to produce programmers and nodules are tailored as per the software industry standards. The course will introduce you to pivot tables and tasks related to data cleaning. Learners will be exposed to different types of operations used in Python programming.

The key proficiencies that registered candidates will achieve in this course includes working with Pandas, NumPy, and matplotlib. Along with this, the course will have sessions on Data filtering, different operations related to file management, and the use of different types of libraries.

The course will teach you to work with Data Frames, different types of arrays, and the use of data frames and arrays in programming. The techniques of importing, reading, and manipulating files and data are taught in this course. You will also learn data filtering and data sorting techniques. The course has special sessions that teach you to use and work with different types of data visualization techniques.

The course is taught by Python experts having working experience in some of the leading Python software development companies. We teach you to be innovative and learn to do the smart practice. Programming Line Python experts stand in front of you having countable working experience in the field of Python.

Programming Line is known for its industry-oriented course designed to improve your practical skills. The course structure is modularized to have greater depth and hold in learning and teaching. The pass-outs of this course are in demand and are allowed to work with some of the most profounding python industry experts.

Programming Line has collaborated with the software industry working to develop Python software and apps to process data and information. This collaboration has brought training on industrial tools and topics that improves advanced techniques in Python.

Why should you take our course?

The course has exercises that make you work with industry professionals. To get trained to work with packages in Python, get registered in this course.

Get registered in this course to learn data processing tasks and the treatment of null values. To get trained by some of the renowned Python data processing experts this course is suitable, these experts will let you work with different visualization techniques.

Take this course to work on a Python project that is brought to you by Programming Line.

What makes our course a best-selling course?

This course ends with a certificate that can be put in LinkedIn or for Interview.. The certificate is a showcase of your learning gained in the course.

This is a state-of-the-art online course, led by Python experts taken at your geographical location. The online classes are interactive and the learner engagement level of this course is high.

Who is this course for?

This course is for Tamil students having a desire to become Python professionals. Learners that want to get engaged with other course participants and learn by collaborating with them should take this course. The course is designed to provide regular updates and technical support to registered candidates.

The learners who want to remain in the loop of the programming line and get groomed with time should get registered in this course. To get trained with some of the most industry-oriented digital techniques and become proficient in management skills should get registered in this course.

Learners who want to study Python in Tamil should get registered for this course.



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